Success Stories

Kelly has astounding insight and was able, in a very short time, to heal the deep experience of oss I was experiencing. She is amazing!!!


Thank you for the healing session. I really feel a whole lot better and i have been raving about it since. So once again thank you Kelly. Big hugs


When I first started my sessions I was very motivated, but with little confidence and low self-esteem. After each session I would feel much lighter in myself and feel like a new person. Yet I would soon fall back into old habits and feeling the way I began. I started to use the techniques in situations and could clearly see the affects. Each individual session was built uniquely around me, which has allowed the treatment to work effectively. I am a happier and calmer person. Hypnotherapy has effected my life positively allowing me the confidence and self-esteem to make decisions that are right for me. I am able to relax more and the sessions have helped me see who I am and I am better at accepting change. My self-esteem has grown and I am able to be myself and find people like me for this. I have found Hypnotherapy emotionally challenging as I have had to break-through old habits. I am a changed person and Hypnotherapy has allowed me to step onto a new path in life with confidence and self-esteem.


Before the sessions, I had confidence issues and fertility problems. During the treatment I learnt so much about myself and what I am capable to do with my life. I am very positive and confident that I can solve my problems after what I gained from these sessions.


I've been surprised and astounded at the progress made through these sessions. From the first session I have felt my confidence rise and my motivation increase without me actively trying to improve these areas of my life. These sessions have helped me change my outlook on life without causing stress which dieting always caused me in the past. I am now a complete convert, from being slightly sceptical that it would help me in the beginning with my weight issues, but now I have been losing weight I feel much better within myself.